'We were in the process of becoming a temporary drive-thru restaurant if we were not allowed to open as a theater for the time being, so we could survive until the restrictions were lifted.'

We continue extolling the virtues of quality, even if J.D. Power fails to award us for the effort. Many people lucky enough to remain employed now work online. You may spend your days in Zoom conferences and Skype meetings. I remain amazed at how many PBS reporters look and sound terrible wh…

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Champaign music teachers Abby Crull and Brandon T. Washington miss their students. So they came up with a way to connect across the community in the time of COVID-19. At 4 p.m. Saturday, residents are asked to go outside and join in the CU Sing-A-Long.

The Art Mart owners opened up to staff writer Alexandria Kobryn about their soft spot for children's charities and how their lives and business model have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

So you’re self-isolating and need to find out what films you might want to watch online or on cable and/or you could use a good laugh? I’ve made this particular recommendation before, which would answer both those needs, but it’s worth repeating in the present circumstances (and I’m guessing…

Thomas Sanders started working on “Vietnam War Portraits: The Faces and the Voices” and photo series in graduate school. One of his professors asked him why this series was so important with all the other books and movies out there.

A shy, talented pianist, Hazel, falls in love with James, a gentle man who aspires to be an architect. But this is 1917 London and WWI is raging. James is unexpectedly called up and shipped out to France to fight in “Lovely War” (Viking 2019), by acclaimed author Julie Berry.