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DANVILLE — The Vermilion County Coroner’s Office is asking the public for help identifying the partial remains of a man found in Indianola last month.

A release from Coroner Jane McFadden said her office, the Vermilion County Sheriff’s Office and the Illinois State Police are trying to figure out who the man is and how he died.

What they do know is that on April 10, burned remains were found buried on private property at the southwest corner of West North Street and South Vermilion Street. That area is just north of Indianola Park in southern Vermilion County.

An autopsy was done and DNA was recovered and checked, but there were no matches.

Authorities know the remains belong to a white man, but since no head or torso were recovered, they cannot give an estimate of his height, weight or age.

Authorities were able to identify a portion of his left foot top. Near the little toe is the tattoo “19” with unidentifiable characters following that number and a curved line underneath.

Near the remains was a dark-colored belt with silver studs and a Batman keychain with no keys on it.

The information about the remains and the items was entered into a national database for missing, unidentified and unclaimed remains at ?nav

If you have any information about this person, please call McFadden at 217-554-6030 or the Vermilion County Sheriff’s Office at 217-442-4080.


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