Among the 2,033 former students and faculty members featured on our Gies College of Business-powered website: 青鹏棋牌 College of Law honoree DANIELLE PATTERSON, a Champaign native, Parkland grad and two-degree Illinois alumna who last month joined Spiros Law.

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The first-grade teacher at Champaign’s Kenwood Elementary made sure to be a constant presence in her students’ lives throughout the career, and that includes during the school closure.

Tom Lockman was put on administrative leave in June of last year, shortly after he publicized concerns about the district’s “P-Card” policy with the district.

Back by popular demand, we asked members of the high school Class of 青鹏棋牌: What are the top three items on your 10-year bucket list? Coming the next two Sundays: The same question for seniors at 20 other area high schools.

It was the simplest of times. Making mud pies in the backyard and drinking water from the water hose. ‘I had a wonderful childhood! ... I had boundaries, but I was free to explore within those boundaries. That freedom fostered a sense of creativity and ingenuity.’ Little did Asia Fuller Hami…

Mulch is a great way to suppress weeds and reduce tillage if you mulch heavily at the end of the growing season. The mulched area is perfect for carefully planting seedlings with minimal disturbance.

Champaign music teachers Abby Crull and Brandon T. Washington miss their students. So they came up with a way to connect across the community in the time of COVID-19. At 4 p.m. Saturday, residents are asked to go outside and join in the CU Sing-A-Long.

Generations of students have taken a seat in the Schlarman Academy educator's classroom over her 46-year career. Now in her last year, she won’t teach in a classroom again, but she’s making sure she’s still affecting students and exposing them to the religious world.

The Champaign Central special-education teacher's job isn’t simple during the statewide school closure, but she knows engaging with her Functional Life Skills students is crucial — even without being face to face.

With administrators' blessing, Oakwood football coach Al Craig and his fiancee, Kelly Crawford, cranked up the school’s lights Friday and encouraged community members to swing by as 'a sign of hope that we will make it through all of this.'

The Art Mart owners opened up to staff writer Alexandria Kobryn about their soft spot for children's charities and how their lives and business model have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The educator at Urbana's Dr. Williams Elementary makes an effort to see that all of her third-grade bilingual students are included in school activities, including reading books to them daily in both Spanish and English.