Among the 2,037 former students and faculty members featured on our Gies College of Business-powered website: 2006 grad Mario Parker, who now covers the White House for Bloomberg News.

U.S. Judge John Lee’s decision sheds some light on the legal back-and-forth now underway in connection with J.B. Pritzker's three lockdown orders that have dramatically restricted citizen and business freedoms and wrecked the state’s economy.

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What does the recently passed federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act do to help unemployment claims? It expands unemployment compensation to those who are not otherwise covered and modestly expands the amount one would get under Illinois unemployment compensation.

Noting that some states, like some cities and counties across the country, have financial problems that they can never solve, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested giving states the same option that cities and counties have used.

Make bold climate change moves now — or “your children and grandchildren may never forgive you,” says Gina McCarthy, EPA administrator under President Obama.

Local efforts in 1970 led to the creation of the Prairie Rivers Network and the institution of curbside recycling programs. But 'we need another climate revolution at this point,' Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin said.

Candidates had to file their quarterly fundraising reports with the Federal Election Commission last week, and they show that individuals and political action committees continue to give and candidates’ campaign committees continue to spend.