A disastrous state revenue report reveals only a portion of the financial damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

After taking some extra time to review videos of the situation that took place on April 10 in the arrest of Aleyah Lewis by Urbana police, the NAACP Champaign County Branch believes that the videos show the officer using excessive force to arrest a female who was clearly impaired in some manner.

U.S. Judge John Lee’s decision sheds some light on the legal back-and-forth now underway in connection with J.B. Pritzker's three lockdown orders that have dramatically restricted citizen and business freedoms and wrecked the state’s economy.

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'We had our bistro set up at 青鹏棋牌 and I said we can take it with us and sit in the parking lot and ... enjoy the beautiful night,' Mark Gerhart of Rantoul said he told his wife, Joan. Thus was born a perfectly safe, legal and unusual way to dine al fresco amid a pandemic.

If we’re talking about calculating the distance I traveled on my front porch swing in mathematical terms over the years, well then we’re talking about a few inches forward and a few inches back. In terms of the memories made there, however, I traveled “way up into the big numbers.”

On April 10, bystanders took video of several Urbana police officers arresting a 21-year-old woman and put it up on Facebook. She was not the reason of the police call, she was unarmed and was responsive to all requests made by the police until they put their hands on her.

Bruce Kaufmann’s April 26 column entitled “Vietnam: The war at 青鹏棋牌” perpetuates an inaccurate picture of an important part of history, basing it on the assertion that those who opposed that war somehow placed blame on the soldiers who were drafted and sent there.