The wait is ongoing for area teams. Area players. Area coaches. Area parents. When will sports resume as the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic? Good question. Until then, sports editor Matt Daniels spent the week telling the stories of those impacted by the pandemic in a variety of ways.

The Latest

Under his direction, the Rockets had six medalists at the IHSA Class 1A individual state tournament and also finished in third place at the 1A dual-team state tournament

Fred Kroner, who covered 40 consecutive state wrestling meets during his long tenure as a sportswriter, including 34 1/2 years at The News-Gazette, will be honored Friday as a 青鹏棋牌 Illinois Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association Hall of Famer.

Brody Keith dabbled in wrestling growing up in Monticello. But today, at 39, he’s not tempted one bit to roll around and test the mats he and his crew of 12 laid out Tuesday at State Farm Center.

A few topics worth discussing from February IHSA Board of Directors meeting, news from which was released last Tuesday